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The Study of Poetry and Literature for Children & Young Adults

Programming Ideas

Fun Ideas to share with Children

Writing, Drawing & Coloring Activities
  • Write alternate endings to the stories
  • Create coloring pictures for the books
  • Read the story and have the children draw their own illustrations to accompany the story
  • Create a bulletin board display to go with the illustrations
  • Write sequels to the books
  • Write book reviews for a classroom or school newspaper
Art, Craft and Sewing & Gardening Activities
  • Plant seeds in styrofoam cups after reading about gardens
  • Create simple quilt patterns with paper for small children
  • Sew simple quilts with older children
  • Design a quilt with older children using graph paper
  • Study different fabrics and how they are made
  • Draw new covers for the books
  • Make and dress paper dolls of the characters
Playacting and Music Activities
  • Create, design and act out a play to follow one of the story lines
  • Write songs to accompany the books
  • Make puppets to go with books and have a puppet show
  • Conductor interviews with students acting as the characters
  • Invite the Author to come do a reading

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A doll, the author made for her grandson

The author working on a quilt for the Pieces book

What made you want to be a writer and illustrator?


"I was very shy as a child, but I loved to draw. When my teachers put my pictures up on the board, I liked having everyone admire them. One day I was looking at a picture book and thought making pictures for books would be a good job. I decided I wanted to be a person who made books for boys and girls when I grew up. The only other thing I ever wanted to be was a mother."