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The Study of Poetry and Literature for Children & Young Adults

Module #1--Poetry Break #4: A Poem About School

Science Beakers

CHEM 101
By Jessikah Dragon
The acid in my beaker is dilute
The boy who sits in front of me is cute
He doesn't notice my flirtatious winks
'Cause he's focusing on phosphorus and zinc
He says the charge of calcium is two
I tell him, "I have chemistry with you!"
He doesn't understand the way I feel
(He thinks that nuclei have sex appeal)
But I think about him every day in class
When he is looking up atomic mass
And when he states the formula for density
I want him with a passionate intensity
I've never met a boy who is as smart
but he's got TI-90 for a heart
Of him I am becoming rather fond
I wish that we could form a double bond
But the boy does not reciprocate my crush
He is busy cleaning test tubes with a brush
Still my faith remains in one small fact...
One day, he'll find out that opposites do attract.


Introduction: To tell you the truth, I chose this poem because of the condition of the book. Frightful! It is only four years old, yet pages are dogeared, the binding is loose, the pages are rippled and stained from various liquids having spilled on the book and subsequently dried. Any book that has been used this vigorously must have something to say.


Poetry Extension: For teens only. This poem and the others like it in the book are raw, edgy examples of teenage emotion. These would be useful in demonstrating that poetry isn't just what the kids memorize and analyze in English class. It is about real people with real problems and issues. These poems would also serve as a springboard for a teen discussion group. Some of the more angry or emotional poems might be useful in counseling sessions. Perhaps poems of this nature could be posted on the walls in the high school guidance office. Teens need to know that others go through similar roller coasters of emotions and that it is okay. This may lead to them being able to express themselves through similar type poems.
Various Authors, edited by Karen Tom and Kiki. 2001. Angst! Teen Verses from the Edge. New York: Workman. ISBN 0761123830

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