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The Study of Poetry and Literature for Children & Young Adults

Module #1--Poetry Break #5: The Lyrics to a Favorite Song Formatted with Poem Line Breaks

Our Wedding: 1987


Words and Music by Neil Diamond and Tom Shapiro 


Say that you'll marry me,

Sometimes carry me.

And I will be there forever more for you.

And if you marry me,

I will give ev'ry thing.

And I will do anything that you need me to.

You'll know by the love in my eyes

And the beat of my heart I'll be there.

You'll know 'cause you'll never be lonely

Again, anytime, anywhere.

This I promise if you marry me.


Promise you'll stay with me.

We'll make some memories,

And maybe a dream or two will come true.

Who knows?

This I can say for sure:

All that I have is yours.

You'll never wonder where I stand; it shows.

You'll know by the love in my eyes

And the beat of my heart. I'll be there.

You'll know 'cause you'll never be lonely

Again, anytime, anywhere.

All I promise you I will be

If you'll only say you'll marry me.

I won't ever forget these words,

and I'll love you for all I'm worth

If you say you will marry me.

Won't you marry me?

Marry me.




April 05 -- When Jim was home on leave from Iraq

Introduction: I picked this song because I really really like it. It could be used for young adults considering marriage. In this area of upstate New York, we have many teens that think dropping out of high school and getting married means that they are all grown up. This song (poem) may help teens to realize there is more commitment to marriage than they may be aware of.  Like all good poetry it evokes emotion.


Poetry Extension: Popular song lyrics can be really useful in working with teens and young adults. They may respond to a "song" much more easily than a "poem." Marry Me could be used in teen marriage counseling, or precana for adults. It could be used as intro music to set the tone for discussion or as a handout for teen couples to evaluate the points brought up in the song.
Diamond, Neil. Tennesee Moon, 1996.DiamondSongs and Hamstein Cumberland Music. Produced by Bob Gaudio

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