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The Study of Poetry and Literature for Children & Young Adults

Poetry Break #4: A Poem for Solo Reading

Introduction: This is a delightful poem to use for linearound or solo reading with kindergarten through second grade.


The Vacuum Cleaner's Revenge
By Patricia Hubbell
I munch. I crunch.
I zoom. I roar.
I clatter-clack
Across the floor.
I swallow twigs.
I slurp dead bugs.
I suck the cat hair
From the rugs.
My stomach full
Of dirt and dust.
I gulp another
Pizza crust.
A tiresome life---
All work, no play----
I think I'll swallow you today!
Poetry Extension:  Read the poem through once for the class. Then, assign each of the colored lines to a different child to read. The black line at the bottom should be read by all the children in unison. Allow/encourage the children to say their lines loudly with emotion. This is a fun poem to have the class recite for visitors.
Janeczko, Paul. 2001. Dirty Laundry Pile. Ill. by Melissa Sweet. United States of America: HarperCollins. ISBN 0688162525

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