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The Study of Poetry and Literature for Children & Young Adults

Poetry Break #3: A Poem Relevant to Science


Introduction: Use this poem for first through fourth grade. These are questions all children ask. They will enjoy hearing the questions from a grownup.

I Don't Know Why
By Myra Cohn Livingston
I don't know why
the sky is blue
or why the raindrops
splatter through
or why the grass
is wet with you?
I don't know why
the sun is round
or why a seed grows
in the ground
or why the thunder
makes a you?
I don't know why
the clouds are white
or why the moon
shines very bright
or why the air
turns black at you?
Poetry Extension: Take the class outside, even it is just in the front yard of the school. Have them sit around you and read them the poem.  Discuss the possible answers to these questions.
Then, tell them that they are going to the library to research the answers. Make sure you let the librarian know the reason for your visit ahead of time so she is prepared with books, magazines and research sites on the computer.  Break the class into groups to research the different questions.
Back in the classroom, have the groups set the answers to poetry with corresponding illustrations. Make sure to provide poster board, many children feel the bigger the better with creative pictures.
Read the poem again and then have the children perform their own poetry answers and display their matching illustrations.

Brenner, Barbara. 1994. The Earth is Painted Green: A Garden of Poems about our Plantet. Ill. by S.D. Schindler. United States of America: Scholastic. ISBN 0590451340


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