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The Study of Poetry and Literature for Children & Young Adults

Anna Grossnickle Hines


Advice for Librarians from Anna Grossnickle Hines


Dear Mary,


I have been thinking about your question and my advice, as an author of children's books, would be directed to children's librarians.

I am very bothered by the current obsession with testing, leading to rote learning, "right answers", and away from learning through exploration and following one's curiosity and interests.

A library might be able to provide a little balance to that for children lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit regularly.

My hope is that libraries might be a place that welcomes children, both the very shy and the more outgoing, and makes them feel comfortable, encourages reading for the pure joy of it, and the pleasure of exploring their own interests. 

 I think a good librarian, who knows the collection and is comfortable with children, could do a great deal to help kids connect with books that will mean a lot to them.

  • Born in 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Decides at age 7 to "make books" when she grew up
  • Has 2 sisters and 4 brothers of which Anna is the oldest
  • She moved to Los Angeles, California at age 11
  • Grew up, studied art and became a preschool teacher and then a third grade teacher
  • Married a U.S. Forest Ranger named Gary who likes to sing, play the guitar and write children's books too
  • Has three daughters, Sarah, Bethany and Lassan
  • Submitted her first book for publication when she was 28, it was seven years later and many, many submissions and rejection letters before one of Anna's books was selected for publication
  • First book published Taste the Raindrops in 1976 
  • Moved to Milford, Pennsylvania in 1990
  • In 2001, moved to Gualala, California
  • Anna's husband Gary and daughters Sarah, Bethany and Lassan are all involved in different aspects of writing, illustrating and publishing children's books. 
  • Anna has written and/or illustrated 55 children's books since Taste the Raindrops, her first book to be published in 1976
  • Newest book Winter Lights to be released this fall from Greenwillow Books
  • Anna and Gary have three grandchildren, 2 boys and a girl
  • Currently has no pets but has had dogs and cats in the past
  • Anna uses her children and grandchildren for models for her books
  • Hobbies include quilting, knitting, gardening, reading and creating stuffed animals and dolls

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Books by Anna Grossnickle Hines

To be released Fall 2005 by Greenwillow Books

Winter Lights, a celebration of the glowing lights during the cold dark winter months is poetry illustrated with beautiful quilts. The fifteen quilts, all handcrafted by the author, took two and a half years to complete and used more than 11 miles of thread. Two of the quilts featured have 8450 tiny triangles--each!!

Information and photographs from Anna Grossnickle Hines website, and from an email interview with the author.