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The Study of Poetry and Literature for Children & Young Adults

Poetry Break #5: An Original Poem

Introduction: I am not a poet, not even close. This assignment has worried me all semester. Then, I read about bio-poems. I can do that, I thought.  Even this was hard, but this is who I am...a tired grateful overworked happy mother anxiously awaiting her husband's return from Iraq.
Poetry Extension: This can be used with any grade but I think it would be most interesting with teenagers. Explain what a bio-poem is, read several examples, then give them free time to work on their own. I have found that providing snacks to teens can improve their creativity. Schedule the time, provide the food, when they're finished ask if they would like their poem included in your class poetry book. A class poetry book can be created each schoolyear like a scrapbook, include the poems (with credits) that the teens are willing to give you. Keep the books in your classroom from year to year. You will be surprised at how many teens stop back to visit and peruse the books.

A Long Year

By Mary DiRisio


Husband stationed in Iraq

two teenagers

dog, cat, rabbits


Much responsibility


Work full time

grad school


Tired all the time


He comes home next month

I graduate this month


kids are good


I am grateful


I have






My life is






I am Thankful


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